A bomb drops into an art museum without exploding. While the museum’s opportunistic curator Claire markets the bomb as a work of art to investor Mr. Man, security guard Omar desperately tries to evacuate the building. The threat of explosion before his eyes Omar becomes a Cassandra. He's the only one who recognizes the gravity of the situation.

In Blindgänger, the metaphor of an unexploded bomb in an art museum serves as a powerful allegory for societal denial in the face of looming crises, such as climate change. The film juxtaposes the complacency of the patrons with the desperate efforts of a security guard to awaken them to the imminent danger, mirroring real-world ignorance and inaction in times of crisis.


Director: Moritz Hoffmann
DoP: Julian Weisser
Author: Leonard Hettich
Producers: Felix Sommer & Thomas Slatter
Assistant Director: Cedo Dragomirovic
Music: Jo Beyer
Sound: Carla Boicu, Patrick Friemelt
Costume: Leandra-Melissa Michelbach


Dara Lalo (Omar)
Ursula Deuker (Claire)
Calvin E. Burke (Mr. Man)
Malte Buhr (Blind Man)
Nina Lung (Mother)


Rüsselsheimer Filmtage 2023
Nominated in the Satirical Short Films Section

Cecinema Festival 2023
Official Selection

International Alexandria Short Film Festival 2023
Nominated for the Environmental Films Competition

Underdog Film Festival Wolfsburg 2023
Nominated German Fictional Short Films

Short Film Festival “PrevYou” 2023
Official Selection  

Bundesfestival Junger Film 2023
Nominierung for "Wettbewerb der schrägen Filme"

Climate Future Film Festival 2023
Official Selection   

Cinema Concetta 2023
Official Selection  

Arche Film Festival 2023
Official Selection   

Kitaso Kurzfilmabend 2023
Winner Official Competition   

Lift-Off Global Network 2023 
Nominated in the First-Time Filmmaker Section 

Small Axe - Radical Short Film Awards 2023
Official Selection 

47. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt 2023
Official Selection 

BNP Paribas Green Film Festival 2023
Official Selection  

4. Filmabend im Wasserschloss 2023

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