Documentary short film | 10 minutes | 2022 | finalized

During the politically turbulent year of 1977 Helmut Höge sets out with a horse to travel through Germany by foot. At the TUNIX congress, organized by the Berlin Sponti movement, he suggests that the leftist slogans about running away from German society should be taken literally. Fast forward to today, and Helmut Höge has seamlessly transitioned from political activism to a life devoted to studying animals - his own "anthro-pause." Inspired by Höge's unconventional journey, the filmmakers recreate his odyssey. Together with Höge and his thought-provoking texts, they invite viewers to ponder a question that transcends time: Is there more to gain from embracing the whimsical than succumbing to pragmatism? "AnthroPause" is not just a documentary; it's a political fairy tale that asks us to reconsider our paths and encourages us to hit the road.


Director: Indira Geisel
DoP: Luis Spielmann
Producers: Felix Sommer, Thomas Slatter, Katharina Hein, Liam Wölfer
Sound: Emil Silvester Ahlhelm

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University of Television and Film Munich

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