A Piece of Me

Fiction short film | 19 minutes | 2023 | Germany | in distribution
Original Title: Ein Teil von Mir 

After discovering her abusive ex-stepfather is invited to her mother's 50th birthday party, Vanessa exposes his past atrocities with the help of a homemade videotape. Amidst the chaos of the family celebration, Vanessa and her estranged mother find an unexpected way to reconnect and ensure that justice is served for Vanessa's ex-stepfather.

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Director: Vivian Bausch
DoP: Paul Hirschauer
Producers: Felix Sommer, Thomas Slatter
Production design: Martha Oelschläger
Sound: Lukas Benedicic, Rainer Montana
Make-up artist: Vivien Noir
Co-Author: Maximilian Weigl
Assistant director: Cedo Dragomirovic
Line producer: Hans-Joachim Köglmeier


Julia Windischbauer (Vanessa)
Barbara Horvath (Martha)


Distribution generously supported by German Short Films and AG Kurzfilm.

Nominated in the short film competition

Short Film Market Clermont-Ferrand
AG Kurzfilm Matinée Allemand

Crossing Europe Festival 2023 
Nominated in the  Competition Local Artist Filmfestival 

Diagonale Graz 2024
Official Selection

Regensburger Kurzfilmfestival 2024

Linz International Short Film Festival 2023 

FEST – New Directors/New Films Festival 2023

Production & Sales

Production Company
Sommer Slatter Film / University of Television and Film Munich

Sales contact
Felix Sommer & Thomas Slatter (producers@sommer-slatter.com)

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